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Max Quote - The Main purpose of the Kappeler Institute for the Science of Being USA, is to give wider scope to the revolutionary research, writing and teaching of Max Kappeler.


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The main purpose of the Kappeler Institute for the Science of Being is to give wider scope to the revolutionary research, writing, and teaching of Dr. Max Kappeler, Switzerland (1910–2002). Our mission is to publish, protect, and promote Max Kappeler’s works on the Science of Christian Science, and to assist interested students in their study.

Dr. Kappeler’s work represents a divine philosophy, with specific research into a spiritually scientific approach to both the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. This subject has been termed “the Science of Christian Science,” “the Science of Being,” or simply “Science.”

This study appeals to the metaphysical or philosophical thinker. Those seeking to understand the one Being through its ontological divine root categories and its divinely cybernetic laws, orders, rules, system, structure and multi-dimensional workings—along with the transforming implications that such an understanding brings—will find these teachings among the most profound works of our present age.

Kappeler Institute, USA is proud to have been granted the sole rights to all of Dr. Kappeler’s works in English – published and unpublished. We are honored to act, according to his last will and testament, as Dr. Kappeler’s “sole promoter and protector” for all of these works.

Max Kappeler’s work is not associated with, nor endorsed by, any religious organization. The Kappeler Institute, USA, claims no exclusive rights to the terms “the Science of Christian Science” or “the Science of Being,” and does not present itself as an authority to endorse, control, or regulate the work in the subject of Science.


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An Introduction to the Science of Christian Science

This page will introduce you to Kappeler’s work. If you need help accessing these works, see “How to Download and Purchase” sections in the About Books and About Classes pages.

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